pam (hellotwink) wrote in moviecritics,

Rules of Attraction

I saw the theatrical trailer for this movie and it seemed like it would be comedic and just a chill-out movie. Little did I know it was a satirical, dramatic piece laced with drugs, sex and alcohol.

This movie runs backwards at the beginning (they are at a party) and then goes forward. It reverses a few times throughout the movie as this guy fantasizes about a girl. Here is a quick-dot plot line.

+Boy likes Girl
+Boy 2 likes Boy
+Girls' roommate fucks Boy
+Boy 2 tries to fuck Boy
+Girl has crush on boyfriend who tours Europe and has rampant sex and does drugs with everyone.
+Boy receives notes from Girl 2, thinking they are from Girl
+Girl 2 kills herself because Boy doesn't notice her.
+Girl tells Boy off for fucking her roommate
+Boy tries to kill himself, fails and the pretends he did with fake blood
+Girl goes to boyfriend who is back but he forgets who she is and fucks her roommate
+Boy 2 and Girl are at the end watching Boy drive away on his motorcycle.

Add equal amounts of SEX and ALCOHOL, ECSTASY and WEED. Confusion, gay moments, sexual moments, VD pictures, randomness.

I concluded you'd have to actually BE on ecstasy for this make sense (though I did get it I guess, it was just like "what the hell is going on?!" for the better half of the movie).
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