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Maid in Manhattan

I'm finding it hard to write good reviews lately so please let me know if I'm failing to do a half-assed job and just sucking horribly, alright? Thanks :)

Good things about this movie:
J.Lo (I know, some people might not think this good, but she's kind of addictive haha)
It was free! (I didn't pay rental... muahahahhahahaha)
Ty (the little boy) = adorable

Bad things about this movie:
Cheese (at the very end, after everything is said and done)
Her maid friend (you almost want to kill her sometimes she's so.. argh)
He's not even hot!

So if you haven't seen ads for this movie, basically this hotshot guy running for Senate falls in love with whom he thinks is a relatively rich lady (with a son). Turns out, horror of all horrors, she's a maid! The best part is that he doesn't care that she's a maid, but J.Lo is the one that freaks out about it. He catches her while she is in one of the suites cleaning (well, trying on these D&G outfits this one really snatchy hotel inhabitant is sending back) and believes that she is staying in the room. So her maid friend lies to help her get out and go to the park with Chris Marshall (the senate running guy).

Badda bing, badda boom. She tells him her feelings on some political things and he gets swept away by her looks and intelligence. They run into some mixups though when he sends for her (since she tries to cut him off from her by leaving and such) and the lady whom her maid friend said J.Lo's name was, receives a luncheon invitation. He realizes that there's a mixup but doesn't assume that J.Lo was lying. Then there's a whole huge scandal with J.Lo and Caroline (the snatch hotel inhabitant whom J.Lo "is") catches J.Lo in her "scam" (even though she wasn't trying to scam anyone) and J.Lo tries to break it off with Chris and then Chris finds out through Caroline and it's this HUGE gossip chain.

Then in the end, of course, J.Lo gets the man and become a manager instead of a maid (her mother always told her she would only be a maid and that's all she could be, because she's Latin or some cliche shit like that).

I'd give it 4/5 stars because one) I like J.Lo and two) it was kinda cute... I don't know. Maybe I'll only give it 3. Yeah, 3 stars.

A lot of things in this movie MAID me mad - like cliches, the snatchy inhabitant, Jerry (Chris's assistant type guy) and some other things. This is not a movie to buy unless you are obsessed with J.Lo or Ralph Fiennes (Chris Marshall). But it's okay if you rent it a few times. Yeah, that's acceptable.
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