pam (hellotwink) wrote in moviecritics,

O Brother Where Art Thou?

I tend to come out of a movie thinking it was excellent if I have no pre-conception of what it will be like, nothing to tell me how fantastic it should be. Everyone and their mother AND their mother's brother's cat has told me to watch O Brother, Where Art Thou? and gave raving reviews. Numerous people have bought out the copies in our stores on more than one occasion as well. So I figured, it must be a really good movie if EVERYONE likes it.


It was a pretty good movie. It was long and took a lot of thought comprehension for someone as tired as myself. But it was decent.
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O Brother Where Art Thou is an amazing piece of cinema. Charming story glittered with hilarious dialogue. Brilliant performances by all actors and yet another true Cohen Brothers' masterpiece.
True, but trying to follow it after a very long day and late into the evening is a little rough :)