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The movie Ghost Ship recieved alot of bad press, *UNDESERVED* bad press. This movie was an orgy of gore for the senses, with music that inspired emotions perfect to every scene, and enough creepy sound and visual effects to keep you up at night. THEY KILL 80 PEOPLE IN THE FIRST MINUTE AND A HALF OF THE MOVIE, HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT?!?!!?!??!

OK, Gabriel Byrne once again masters the movie as an irish salvage captain, with his six buddies, making a wad of dough off robbing the ocean of derelict ships. When they're offered the oppertunity to salvage an old cruise ship, they jump at it. This cruise ship turns to be a 40yr mystery of an italian ritz boat, that vanished with all the non-mafioso italians the world knew of.

As they explore the ship, they discover intertwinging stories of greed and lust, $600 million in gold bullion, and *ALOT* of corpses. The co-star is haunted by a dead child who she finds is hung, the first mate is haunted by a secksi italian singer who is only clothed for 1/2 her debut in the movie, and the captain is haunted by a crew member who soon goes up in flames and down with the ship.

The villian isn't the ship, it isn't the ghost girl, or any other of the ghosts for that matter. Shit, it isn't even a greedy and sociopathic crew member like the story leads you to think. The villian is something entirely new, a plot device that's been curiously skipped over all this time, something unplanned and totally surprising, and it's ingenius. The ship is a receptacle for souls, trapping them in the ship until it's filled, when the villian (the guy who brought them to the ship, like he did the ones before, and the origional crew, and the crew of the ship he was retrieved from) takes it down to hell and trades them in for immortality and power.

The villian smuggles gold on board, shifts shape to turn people against each other, sexes himself an ally, and does a masterful job of running the heroes ragged until they all fucking die. This guy is my hero, and even when he does bite it it's kewl.

I give this movie a 10 / 10 for gore
a 7 / 10 for music
a 7 / 10 for casting
and a 10 / 10 for originality


Nuff said
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