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1408 [02 Aug 2007|02:17pm]


Newbie. I come bearing gifts.

What do you think?

snakes On A Plane [08 Jul 2006|10:33pm]
the movie isnt even out. but i think we can judge it just based on this. what's everyone's thoughts of Snakes On A Plane?


i can't get over that parody. i love it.
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[24 Jul 2005|02:21pm]


Ok... the movies i've seen lately are:

The Pacifier
The Notebook
Hide and Seek
.....and a couple more but i can't remember the names.

The Pacifier was kinda funny, but not as good as i expected it would be, but WHO CARES? Vin Diesel is HOT HOT HOT.
The Notebook was EXCELLENT. People kept telling me to watch it and I was reluctant but it turned out to be a really good movie.
Hide and Seek was also REALLY good. I won't give away the ending, but it's VERY twisted.
Hostage was probably the best out of all these movies. Bruce Willis is a phenomenal actor, there's many twists in this movie, keeps you watching on the edge of your seat, awesome movie.
Hitch was okay but not nearly as good as the commercials made it out to be.

Let me know if anyone has a good suggestion on a movie to rent!

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Lord Of the Rings (the return of the king) [30 May 2004|02:25pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I just got done watching this movie last night. I have to tell you I waited and I waited and I cried and hoped to see the last movie of this trilogy. Man just when you think its going to end theres more. Why would they do that to you. LOL. Anyways, Ive been nothing but eyes wide open locked on the tv screen with all three of these movies. I rented all three of them so I could watch them in a row, and damn it was way much better this time around with the last one added.\

I will give all these movies a 100 out of 5.LOL They are my all time favorite movies.


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The Last Samuri [19 May 2004|05:39am]

I didnt think this was going to be a very good movie because to me tom cruise is not your typical Jap guy. LOL, let alone a Samuri. (hope Im spelling it right.) Anyways, In the end he returns and Im glad he did.

Also isnt it weird the Kossimoto (sp?) guy that was the leader of the Samuri's died and little boy blue lived to tell the story? How heroic is that? Anyways over all it gets four out of five stars from me.
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SPUN FLOPPED! [22 Aug 2003|10:12am]

Okay, Spun didnt make any good reviews but personally I think the movie is genious. I mean, I know the movies about junkies, but it was so real/true to the "junkie life". The effects were amazing. It made you feel like you were tweeking throughout the movie.

The director even admitted that he ripped some of the effects from requiem for a dream. Thats why I dont understand why people kept saying that when he admitted it in the first place.

The cast was awesome. The movie OWNED! and the effects were amazing...

did i mention the soundtrack? wow that was amazing also. All the music was written/sung/organized by Billy COrgan.
They didnt even "make" the soundtrack becuase of the lack of box office sales! Thats dumb if you ask me. That sound track was soo good that if people didnt liek the movie they would buy the suondtrack on general principals...
What do you think?

[05 Apr 2003|09:04am]

many thanks to miscericorde and hellotwink for their movie critiquing.
And thanks again to hello twink for her MANY MANY movie critiques. :).
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Ghost Ship *MOVIE REVIEW* [05 Apr 2003|03:11am]

The movie Ghost Ship recieved alot of bad press, *UNDESERVED* bad press. This movie was an orgy of gore for the senses, with music that inspired emotions perfect to every scene, and enough creepy sound and visual effects to keep you up at night. THEY KILL 80 PEOPLE IN THE FIRST MINUTE AND A HALF OF THE MOVIE, HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT?!?!!?!??!

OK, Gabriel Byrne once again masters the movie as an irish salvage captain, with his six buddies, making a wad of dough off robbing the ocean of derelict ships. When they're offered the oppertunity to salvage an old cruise ship, they jump at it. This cruise ship turns to be a 40yr mystery of an italian ritz boat, that vanished with all the non-mafioso italians the world knew of.

As they explore the ship, they discover intertwinging stories of greed and lust, $600 million in gold bullion, and *ALOT* of corpses. The co-star is haunted by a dead child who she finds is hung, the first mate is haunted by a secksi italian singer who is only clothed for 1/2 her debut in the movie, and the captain is haunted by a crew member who soon goes up in flames and down with the ship.

The villian isn't the ship, it isn't the ghost girl, or any other of the ghosts for that matter. Shit, it isn't even a greedy and sociopathic crew member like the story leads you to think. The villian is something entirely new, a plot device that's been curiously skipped over all this time, something unplanned and totally surprising, and it's ingenius. The ship is a receptacle for souls, trapping them in the ship until it's filled, when the villian (the guy who brought them to the ship, like he did the ones before, and the origional crew, and the crew of the ship he was retrieved from) takes it down to hell and trades them in for immortality and power.

The villian smuggles gold on board, shifts shape to turn people against each other, sexes himself an ally, and does a masterful job of running the heroes ragged until they all fucking die. This guy is my hero, and even when he does bite it it's kewl.

I give this movie a 10 / 10 for gore
a 7 / 10 for music
a 7 / 10 for casting
and a 10 / 10 for originality


Nuff said
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Shawshank Redemption [05 Apr 2003|02:08am]

The first movie of the recent ones I've watched is Shawshank Redemption. Now, going into it, I wasn't too sure what the movie was about. The only clue I had was (thanks to Alex) it is a "surprisingly good" movie. I headed over to Alex's with Joey and we popped "giant pop popcorn" (that was the same size as regular, if not SMALLER, gosh I was upset lol) and threw the disc in.

Little by little, the movie was enveloping me. I think the best part was not knowing what to expect, so what I got was excellent. All of the little details, everything that happens in the movie, leads up to the end. Okay, that was pretty obvious and clearly the case for most stories/movies. Let me clarify, EVERYTHING plays a role to the ending result - factors. Mmmm.. I like factors.

This is a spoiler for those who haven't seen the movie, just two spoilers, but I got really pissed when 1) one guy hung himself. It was sad. And 2) when they SHOT THAT OTHER GUY. That made me want to just quit watching the movie. I was so pissed. I'm glad I finished it though because there were some "surprisingly good" twists in the movie and overall I'd have to say the movie was quite excellent. A very realistic depiction of prison even if it has some unrealistic events (like a prisoner becoming a banker, just basically what the main character ends up doing is semi-unrealistic, but I guess I wouldn't know since I've never been to prison).

5/5 STARS!! Whoop! Go BUY this movie.
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200 Cigarettes [05 Apr 2003|02:08am]

200 Cigarettes is set in the 80s. The whole goal is to a) get to the New Year's Eve Party or b) find a date to take with them to the aforementioned party. The catch? You can assume that they are all going to the same party but I actually didn't make that assumption.

There are about 4 or 5 sets of 'main group characters' that you see different stories from and there are two standard characters, the cab driver and the party thrower. Through them, you see at the end how everyone relates to each other and just what ends up happening at the party.

It was kind of boring but it has quite a few name actors in the movie (Janeanne Garafelo, Ben & Casey Affleck, Gaby Hoffman, Christina Ricci, Courtney Love, Kate Hudson). It wasn't really a humerous movie. I mean at times I let out a pity chuckle but it was just another movie to space out to.

2.5 / 5 stars.
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O Brother Where Art Thou? [05 Apr 2003|02:06am]

I tend to come out of a movie thinking it was excellent if I have no pre-conception of what it will be like, nothing to tell me how fantastic it should be. Everyone and their mother AND their mother's brother's cat has told me to watch O Brother, Where Art Thou? and gave raving reviews. Numerous people have bought out the copies in our stores on more than one occasion as well. So I figured, it must be a really good movie if EVERYONE likes it.


It was a pretty good movie. It was long and took a lot of thought comprehension for someone as tired as myself. But it was decent.
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8 Mile [05 Apr 2003|02:05am]


There was SO MUCH HYPE built up around this movie that it was pretty hard to ignore the expectations. I don't really like Eminem more than anybody else. And no, I don't think he's hot either. So what was good about this movie?


Well, I like freestyle. I liked how he ended up being proud of where he was from and the girl told him not to be ashamed of the trailer parks earlier in the flick also.

Here is a basic plotline (since this movie hardly had one):
Something about rapping... some rapping? Maybe? No.

The end.

I am so glad that I didn't pay to rent this movie.
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Maid in Manhattan [05 Apr 2003|02:05am]

I'm finding it hard to write good reviews lately so please let me know if I'm failing to do a half-assed job and just sucking horribly, alright? Thanks :)

Good things about this movie:
J.Lo (I know, some people might not think this good, but she's kind of addictive haha)
It was free! (I didn't pay rental... muahahahhahahaha)
Ty (the little boy) = adorable

Bad things about this movie:
Cheese (at the very end, after everything is said and done)
Her maid friend (you almost want to kill her sometimes she's so.. argh)
He's not even hot!

So if you haven't seen ads for this movie, basically this hotshot guy running for Senate falls in love with whom he thinks is a relatively rich lady (with a son). Turns out, horror of all horrors, she's a maid! The best part is that he doesn't care that she's a maid, but J.Lo is the one that freaks out about it. He catches her while she is in one of the suites cleaning (well, trying on these D&G outfits this one really snatchy hotel inhabitant is sending back) and believes that she is staying in the room. So her maid friend lies to help her get out and go to the park with Chris Marshall (the senate running guy).

Badda bing, badda boom. She tells him her feelings on some political things and he gets swept away by her looks and intelligence. They run into some mixups though when he sends for her (since she tries to cut him off from her by leaving and such) and the lady whom her maid friend said J.Lo's name was, receives a luncheon invitation. He realizes that there's a mixup but doesn't assume that J.Lo was lying. Then there's a whole huge scandal with J.Lo and Caroline (the snatch hotel inhabitant whom J.Lo "is") catches J.Lo in her "scam" (even though she wasn't trying to scam anyone) and J.Lo tries to break it off with Chris and then Chris finds out through Caroline and it's this HUGE gossip chain.

Then in the end, of course, J.Lo gets the man and become a manager instead of a maid (her mother always told her she would only be a maid and that's all she could be, because she's Latin or some cliche shit like that).

I'd give it 4/5 stars because one) I like J.Lo and two) it was kinda cute... I don't know. Maybe I'll only give it 3. Yeah, 3 stars.

A lot of things in this movie MAID me mad - like cliches, the snatchy inhabitant, Jerry (Chris's assistant type guy) and some other things. This is not a movie to buy unless you are obsessed with J.Lo or Ralph Fiennes (Chris Marshall). But it's okay if you rent it a few times. Yeah, that's acceptable.
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Pumpkin [05 Apr 2003|02:05am]

I thought I would give a short review of this movie so that if you are a fan of Christina Ricci or you like odd movies, I could spread the word. If you do NOT like odd movies and are NOT a fan of Christina Ricci, spare yourself.

This movie is about a sorority and Christina Ricci has the perfect boyfriend, the perfect life, etc. Her sorority sponsors a "Train a Mental Kid for the Challenged Olympics" event for their community service/project to help them win some sort of sorority award.

Enter Pumpkin, a handicapped (via wheelchair) boy who take a few minutes to stutter out Christina Ricci's name. She then screams and runs away.

To make a long story short, she ends up falling in love with him, and he slowly begins to sorta walk and stuff and tell his mom that he isn't retarded. She leaves her perfect boyfriend for him and everyone hates her and she gets kicked out of school and then they all want her back. Then I kinda just blanked the ending out because it wasn't even important anymore. We hit the storyline and that was pretty much it. It wasn't necessarily a bad movie, persay, but it was quite an off-the-wall, hanging-outside-the-corner-market type of movie. IF you know what I mean..
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The Banger Sisters [05 Apr 2003|02:04am]

It helped a lot to be conscious during this movie (as opposed to movies when you are half-awake).

The first half an hour of this movie is kind of boring. It leads into the story pretty well. You follow around Suzette (Goldie Hawn), one half of a groupie team with the movie title as it's gang name. These girls would bang band members (and even a few roadies) and just have a lot of carefree fun.

After heading their seperate ways (though you don't really know this from the intro, you kind of have to guess it from the previews), Suzette decides to go find "Vinny" (Lavinia, Susan Sarandon) and when they meet up again, Suzette turns Vinny's life upside down.

You see funny antics involving each of Vinny's two daughters (one of whom actually happens to be her real life daughter, actually) and the Banger Sisters themselves. Oh yes, there is also (lol this is a main part I guess but I like to throw away the good story lines don't I?) a guy that Suzette picks up and takes to Phoenix with her. He is involved in some even CRAZIER antics in the form of OCD and then getting a taste of life. He almost has a tragic end but gets hit by a car instead (you'll get what I mean when you watch the movie!).

In the end, everything is happy cheery. Yay.

(4 out of 5 stars for being a chick flick. No action, moderate drama, moderate to low comedy. This is a stay at home and watch it with your best friend, boy friend, or both [I chose both] movie)
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Reign of Fire [05 Apr 2003|02:04am]

Question: What has dragons, cheesy moments, and lots of fire?
Reign of Fire!

Question: What movie was "so scary and intense" that I tried to fall asleep so that I wouldn't want to knock myself unconscious with a blunt object?
Reign of Fire!

Question: What movie makes me question the originality, ingenuity and general THOUGHT of writers/producers/directors?
Reign of Fire!!!

The verdict: Don't waste $2.99 to rent this movie when you could have more fun eating ice cream.
What do you think?

Rules of Attraction [05 Apr 2003|01:58am]

I saw the theatrical trailer for this movie and it seemed like it would be comedic and just a chill-out movie. Little did I know it was a satirical, dramatic piece laced with drugs, sex and alcohol.

This movie runs backwards at the beginning (they are at a party) and then goes forward. It reverses a few times throughout the movie as this guy fantasizes about a girl. Here is a quick-dot plot line.

+Boy likes Girl
+Boy 2 likes Boy
+Girls' roommate fucks Boy
+Boy 2 tries to fuck Boy
+Girl has crush on boyfriend who tours Europe and has rampant sex and does drugs with everyone.
+Boy receives notes from Girl 2, thinking they are from Girl
+Girl 2 kills herself because Boy doesn't notice her.
+Girl tells Boy off for fucking her roommate
+Boy tries to kill himself, fails and the pretends he did with fake blood
+Girl goes to boyfriend who is back but he forgets who she is and fucks her roommate
+Boy 2 and Girl are at the end watching Boy drive away on his motorcycle.

Add equal amounts of SEX and ALCOHOL, ECSTASY and WEED. Confusion, gay moments, sexual moments, VD pictures, randomness.

I concluded you'd have to actually BE on ecstasy for this make sense (though I did get it I guess, it was just like "what the hell is going on?!" for the better half of the movie).
What do you think?

[04 Apr 2003|08:10pm]

That's all i got in me today. Sorry, i know these are in the box office right now, but what do you want out of me, i'm poor ;).

Do you have a movie you'd like to add to the critique?
What do you think?

[04 Apr 2003|08:10pm]

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[04 Apr 2003|08:10pm]

The Master Of Disguise (2002)
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