pam (hellotwink) wrote in moviecritics,

The Banger Sisters

It helped a lot to be conscious during this movie (as opposed to movies when you are half-awake).

The first half an hour of this movie is kind of boring. It leads into the story pretty well. You follow around Suzette (Goldie Hawn), one half of a groupie team with the movie title as it's gang name. These girls would bang band members (and even a few roadies) and just have a lot of carefree fun.

After heading their seperate ways (though you don't really know this from the intro, you kind of have to guess it from the previews), Suzette decides to go find "Vinny" (Lavinia, Susan Sarandon) and when they meet up again, Suzette turns Vinny's life upside down.

You see funny antics involving each of Vinny's two daughters (one of whom actually happens to be her real life daughter, actually) and the Banger Sisters themselves. Oh yes, there is also (lol this is a main part I guess but I like to throw away the good story lines don't I?) a guy that Suzette picks up and takes to Phoenix with her. He is involved in some even CRAZIER antics in the form of OCD and then getting a taste of life. He almost has a tragic end but gets hit by a car instead (you'll get what I mean when you watch the movie!).

In the end, everything is happy cheery. Yay.

(4 out of 5 stars for being a chick flick. No action, moderate drama, moderate to low comedy. This is a stay at home and watch it with your best friend, boy friend, or both [I chose both] movie)
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