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Shawshank Redemption

The first movie of the recent ones I've watched is Shawshank Redemption. Now, going into it, I wasn't too sure what the movie was about. The only clue I had was (thanks to Alex) it is a "surprisingly good" movie. I headed over to Alex's with Joey and we popped "giant pop popcorn" (that was the same size as regular, if not SMALLER, gosh I was upset lol) and threw the disc in.

Little by little, the movie was enveloping me. I think the best part was not knowing what to expect, so what I got was excellent. All of the little details, everything that happens in the movie, leads up to the end. Okay, that was pretty obvious and clearly the case for most stories/movies. Let me clarify, EVERYTHING plays a role to the ending result - factors. Mmmm.. I like factors.

This is a spoiler for those who haven't seen the movie, just two spoilers, but I got really pissed when 1) one guy hung himself. It was sad. And 2) when they SHOT THAT OTHER GUY. That made me want to just quit watching the movie. I was so pissed. I'm glad I finished it though because there were some "surprisingly good" twists in the movie and overall I'd have to say the movie was quite excellent. A very realistic depiction of prison even if it has some unrealistic events (like a prisoner becoming a banker, just basically what the main character ends up doing is semi-unrealistic, but I guess I wouldn't know since I've never been to prison).

5/5 STARS!! Whoop! Go BUY this movie.
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