Crimson and blue (myloveforyou) wrote in moviecritics,
Crimson and blue


Okay, Spun didnt make any good reviews but personally I think the movie is genious. I mean, I know the movies about junkies, but it was so real/true to the "junkie life". The effects were amazing. It made you feel like you were tweeking throughout the movie.

The director even admitted that he ripped some of the effects from requiem for a dream. Thats why I dont understand why people kept saying that when he admitted it in the first place.

The cast was awesome. The movie OWNED! and the effects were amazing...

did i mention the soundtrack? wow that was amazing also. All the music was written/sung/organized by Billy COrgan.
They didnt even "make" the soundtrack becuase of the lack of box office sales! Thats dumb if you ask me. That sound track was soo good that if people didnt liek the movie they would buy the suondtrack on general principals...
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